Rental & property marketing photography tips

Property rental and real estate photography tips and advice

Regarding rental and property marketing photography, several vital tips and techniques can significantly enhance the appeal of your images. First, it is essential to ensure that the space is clean, decluttered, and well-staged before taking any photographs. Pay attention to lighting as well – natural light can significantly enhance the atmosphere of a room. When taking pictures, opt for wide-angle shots that capture the entirety of the space while also conveying a sense of depth. It is essential to showcase key features and selling points such as renovated kitchens or stunning views. Properly framing each shot can make a significant difference in creating a visually appealing image. Lastly, consider investing in professional-grade equipment such as high-resolution cameras or wide-angle lenses to capture the essence of the property truly. By following these carefully curated tips and utilizing compelling images, you can effectively market your rental or property with confidence and allure potential tenants or buyers effortlessly within an overcrowded market.

An interview with the Irish Times Titled: taking pictures of your home for selling or letting isn’t as easy as it seems. Follow these expert tips to get it right for more advice

interior photography

Contemporary rental property with an open plan living room.

Interior photography

Real estate photography of a period open-plan dining room in the kitchen area

Interior photography

Rental property photography of Thomas and Rita’s holiday cottage.

“We own a number of holiday cottages and decided to get some professional photos taken.  Philip was recommended to us through a friend who is an interior designer and regularly works with him.
We could not be happier with the results.  Philip was efficient and professional.  With amazing skills and clever use of lighting he transformed the cottages and boosted their appeal dramatically.  As a result, our cottages were featured in many publications including The Irish Times and the front page Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living  We highly recommend Philip for all your photography needs.”

Thomas and Rita Murphy

Interior photography

Liz’s small city contemporary one-bed corporate letting for relocation.

“The pictures went up on the relocation site, and the apartment has gone already !”


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Interior photography

Contemporary open plan kitchen and dining area corporate letting for relocation.

Interior photography

Rental photography of a contemporary rental property with an open-plan living room.

Interior photography

Bedroom views from the bay window with a breakfast tray

The results from our shoot with Philip are stunning. He worked in an extremely professional but relaxed manner and brought a contemporary photography approach to our project. He took many shots from dawn to dusk and was generous with his time. He is a very talented photographer and I would highly recommend his services. 

Aisling O’Callaghan, Longueville House